Coffee Review: Anchored Coffee – Figurehead

This has been one very weird year, the first of its kind actually. I spent the first 5 months of it chained to my desk, studying 8h a day, 7 days a week for my exams. The past 3 months have been a mix of getting my life back on track, trying to catch up with everybody else, and start the new chapter of my academic life, thesis writing.

One thing that I knew I could always look forward to throughout these past months has been our morning rituals. Every morning,  we get up at 6:30 to walk and feed the dog, and then take a good 20 to 30 minutes to sit outside on our balcony and enjoy the morning sun and fresh breeze, as well as a nice moment of silence before hectic days.

What makes these morning rituals so great has been the delicious coffees. This past week and a bit, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying Anchored Coffee’s Figurehead blend. Now, I’ve only just realized that this particular blend is more geared towards filtered coffees… I blame the early mornings and no reading glasses… but we’ve been having it as an espresso in our latte… and trust me… you might also want to make this same mistake!

Anchored-Web-Master_NEWBAG (1)

About Anchored Coffee: They are a roasting facility in Nova Scotia, Canada, where their “green [coffee] beans are purchased seasonally from small farms, allowing us to provide our customers with unique and delicious coffee.”

Available blends: Anchored Coffee offers a multitude of single origin bags of beans sourced from various coffee farms around the world.

Ground options: 340g bags of whole beans, depending where you buy them from, you can get them ground.

Purchasing options: we purchased this bag at Café Neve here in Montreal, but you can buy online through their website.

Our rating of Anchored Coffee Figurehead blend

Once you open the bag, you notice that the beans are nice and dry, on the light-medium roast spectrum. I like taking a big sniff when the bag first opens, it’s all part of the ritual, and this particular coffee gives off a nice toasty smell, a little woody and chocolatey.

We’ve been making lattes with this blend, and not filtered coffee as they suggest – so our ratio is 18 to 20g of finely ground coffee beans, extracted for 25 seconds. If you wanted to try it as a filtered coffee, our favourite ratio is 1g of coffee for 13g (13ml) of water. On average for one cup I like doing 17g of coarsely ground coffee for 221g/ml of water.

In a latte, it has a distinct woodsy and present lingering after-taste, but it isn’t bitter or astringent. I would describe it as the perfect coffee taste, and the flavours definitely shine through milk.

If you see it, buy it!

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