Coffee Review: Social Coffee & Tea co.

Quick question for you, when it’s 35 degrees out and humid, do you still reach for that warm cup of coffee or are you #teamicedcoffee?

I must say, it’s not the same just drinking iced coffee… I feel that I’m missing out on my morning ritual when I don’t have my hot pour–over or latte.

That being said, here is this week’s coffee discovery!

About Social Coffee & Tea co.

It was started in 2009 by a small group of “revolutionaries” wanting to offer the best cup of coffee to all. They aimed to do so by only sourcing green, sustainably harvested, coffee beans. According to them, this is coffee for the people made by the people.

Available blends: on their website you can find a great variety of different kinds of blends and single origins coffee, ranging between 14$ and 18$ for a 12oz bag. We purchased this bag at the Nektar Caféologue in Quebec City.

Ground option: whole bean, but if purchased in store, you can always get them to grind it for you.

We opted for their “People’s Daily” espresso which is said to have a cocoa, chocolate and caramel flavor profile. Furthermore, on the bag itself are instructions on how to get the best cup of coffee possible, aka their “socially correct brewing instructions”.

Our rating of the People’s Daily espresso blend by Social Coffee & Tea co.

First look into the bag, you’ll find a medium light roast bean with a delicious coffee and chocolate smell. As suggested, we followed their brewing instructions to achieve the perfect cup of coffee, or latte.

They suggest 18 to 22g of ground coffee, we went with 20g, extracted between 25 and 30 seconds, with an average volume of brewed coffee ranging between 30g and 35g. Followed by 2% lactose free foamed milk.

It certainly does live up to its profile, it is quite delicious on its own, but I absolutely prefer it in a latte. It has a very rich, smooth and velvety texture and a great taste, without leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Highly recommended for people who like coffee that tastes like “coffee”/what it smells like. I definitely will be picking up another bag if I see it on the shelves of our local shops!

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