Coffee Review: goodboybob coffee

Why hello there!

It’s been a long long time! Last time I posted, there was still snow on the ground; right now, theres a bunch of puddles here but at least theres the green stuff in the trees!

I kept my promise of testing out new coffees while I was studying, and man, I think I have about 10 empty bags of different beans stored away in my kitchen cupboard, each with a post-it note of what I thought of when I drank it. For some of them, I’ve even kept enough to make a tiny cup of coffee just so I can be extra thorough.

This is the case for this particular batch!

One of our collaborators and coffee addicts on the blog went to L.A. for her yoga instructors’ qualifications and was nice enough to bring us back a bag o’ beans to try. This particular blend has been my go-to for my chill afternoon coffee. I have my super turbo jet fuel coffee in the morning to get me going, and then later on in the day, I like to make myself a light roast drip coffee just to keep my eyes open enough.

General info about coffee roaster: there is not too much to be said about this particular roaster, as they are just under a year old and from what I have managed to find on their social media, there is even less info. However, printed on the bag is the history of how the shop and roaster came to be and their goals with their roast. At goodboybob, they look to “find the smallest amount of the most interesting coffee beans in worl (about 20lbs at a time) from farmers who might have that half-acre on a back corner of their 100-acre coffee farm that is extraordinary for whatever reason”.

Available blends: I am not entirely sure as to the selection at their shop, but I am currently sipping on their House Blend, which is a mix of Colombian Cauca Inza and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Aricha “Misty Valley” Natural.

Our rating of goodboybob coffee

When you’ll open the bag, you’ll notice two things straight away: the lightness of the roast and the sweet, almost tangy, smell of the beans.

I’ve tried so hard to pinpoint the exact smell/profile taste but floral light roasts are the hardest for me accurately describe. The closest I think I can get is to light colored berries, almost like chokecherries, with a hint of tang and woody tastes. It is also mildly stringent, leaving your tongue a tad dry afterwards.

This coffee is best served as a drip coffee (manual pour over); the lightness of the roast and the flavor profile doesn’t develop as much when used to make espresso.

For the ideal cup, I’ve narrowed it down to 15g of coarse ground beans (rock/sea salt size) with 225g of just off the boil water. I’ve tried with more water but it makes it very watery and too floral, and with less water, the tang and bitterness are too noticeable. Room temperature, or even served cold, brings out the fruitiness, which is quite refreshing at this time of year!

So if you’re ever in L.A., head on over to 2058 Broadway, 90404 Santa Monica, California for a nice cup of coffee!

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