Coffee Review: PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. – Ad Astra

Good morning beautiful people!

It’s been a busy week, I apologize for the lack of articles last week, but we are here with a brand new coffee review!

I’m sad that this week is over, mostly because we finished the bag of beans we tested and it has been one of my favourites of the year – so far!

We picked this bag up back in December when we were in Quebec City, and I made sure to vacuum pack it to preserve it as long as I could before opening. Brewing closer to roasting date insures freshness, but when you have 5 bags of coffee on rotation, you kind of want to take all the precautions you can!

PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is from Kansas, and is celebrating its 25 years of being in business this year! 80% of the coffee they produce is acquired through their direct trade program with farmers, and offer a variety of single-origin and signature blends. Their brand motto? “Without the love, it’s just coffee”.

Available blends:  a great selection of single origin and blends, all available online, or in select stores. I have yet to see them in Montreal, but Café Nektar in Quebec City carries them!

Purchase options: 340g (12 oz) bags in store or online; whole beans.

We picked up a bag of their signature blend Ad Astra, which they describe as having dark chocolate, cola, and brown sugar notes.

Our rating of PT’s Coffee Roasting Ad Astra blend

This coffee certainly delivers! Compared to most of the coffees we try, it is a dark roasted bean and very oily. When you open the bag, you immediately get this waft of deliciousness into your nose. It’s the best way to start your morning!


For a latte: 18g of finely ground coffee, extracted for 25 to 28 seconds, followed with foamed milk.

For a manual drip: 25g of coffee ground to sea salt coarseness, 375g of just of boil water (1:15 ratio).

We tried this blend as a manual drip and espresso, and although it is great for both, we definitely prefer it in a latte. It lives up to is flavor notes of chocolate and brown sugar; it is very smooth and has little after taste. If you’re looking for a consistent cup of excellence, you’ve found it!

Cover picture by PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

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