Coffee Review: Propeller Coffee Turbo Espresso

It’s starting to look like I’ll be testing a brand new bag of beans a week from now until the end of my thesis! To any coffee roasters out there, send beans our way and we will happily review them!

This week’s coffee review is the torontonian Propeller Coffee – Turbo Espresso, which we picked up at Nektar Caféologue, a coffee shop and retailer in Quebec City, while visiting Marie’s parents a couple weeks ago.

As you may have seen in our post about trying new things, we have been testing out manual brew/slow-pour coffee in 2018, but we are still sticking to our first love, espresso!

This week in particular has been quite a trying one – we moved from our first “grownup apartment” to an even snazzier one – therefore we needed a decent boost of caffeine in the mornings to get us going. This coffee has provided exactly that, so here is our review!

Propeller Coffee originates from Toronto: they are a small specialty roaster that and are passionate about sustainably sourcing their beans and offering the best cup to their clients. Fun fact, they won the 2016 Micro-Roaster of the year award! If you are in Toronto, you can even rent some of their space for any even you’d like to host!

According to Propeller’s website, the Turbo espresso is considered a more traditional espresso blend, with a “muted acidity, heavier body, and a dark chocolate finish”.

Propeller coffee bags

Available blends: they offer a variety of blends and single origins, all available in store and online

Purchase options: you can purchase 12 oz bags (standard size bag of beans) online, or in select stores.

Our rating of Propeller Coffee – Turbo Espresso

As it’s stated in it’s name, the Turbo blend does give you some type of energy similar to super speed! It lives up to it’s description, it does have a very smooth and creamy body, with a definitely noticeable chocolate and caramel taste to it.


According to their website, they suggest that you should use 18gr of coffee and extract for 28 to 32 seconds, in order to get the perfect shot. We did exactly this and paired it with some foamed milk for a latte and it was perfection!

In all honesty, you might find it a tad bitter when had black, but mixing it with milk provides you with that true perfect latte taste: just enough coffee to shine through, but no bitter or acidic aftertaste.


Pictures from Propeller Coffee 

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