Coffee Review : ChocoSol’s This is Not a Bag of Coffee

Apologies for the lack of articles, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you can’t see from our social media. For example, I’ve started my comps year for my PhD; for those not familiar, I’m spending the next semester studying full time for huge exams in May. Plus, I’m working on my thesis and small business (you can check it out here!) at the same time. Oh, and we’re also moving this weekend, which means lots of packing and cleaning.

While on a hunt for packing boxes, we walked by a local grocers and I stopped dead in my tracks and ran inside the building without warning Marie. In the window was the coolest bag of coffee! While paying, I noticed that the roaster even had its own chocolate, so I couldn’t help but buy their chocolate & espresso bar (which is amazing btw).


Anyways! ChocoSol’s coffee is sourced from three communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, through direct-trading and then roasted in Toronto. In my eyes, direct-trading is one of the best business models you can have when it comes to supporting small coffee producers! I even learned that all their wrapping, coffee bags and chocolate bars, are compostable, which makes me super happy!

Available blends: so far, only the one!

Purchase options: 454g bags, in store in Toronto, or currently here in Verdun at Jardin Wellington (4th avenue/Wellington).

Our rating of ChocoSol’s This is not a Bag of Coffee

This is amazing! We’ve been grinding it rather coarsely to use with our Hario V60 cone and carafe that we purchased through Bru! Tea and Coffee Goodies, and it’s like drinking a beautiful mix of coffee, chocolate, and caramel.

Preparation: ratio of 1:16 of coffee to water, for 2 cups

  • Amount of coffee: 25-30g, coarsely ground (looks like sea salt)
  • Water: 400ml – 480ml boiling water
  • Drip time: 5-6 minutes

End result: slow-pour will give you a beautifully rich and smooth coffee, relatively light and practically no bitterness. It is a perfect blend for your morning cup of coffee, as well as your afternoon pick me up. Oh, and if you decide to pair it with a piece of their chocolate… you’ll be floating in heaven for a few minutes!


All pictures from ChocoSol Traders

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