Coffee Review: 94 Celcius Pérou Jaén

This snowy monday morning is brought to you by 94 Celcius‘ Peruvian espresso beans! In all honesty, we’ve been sipping espressos made with this bag of beans for a week, and its divine!

I first heard about 94 Celcius when I was scrolling through the posts of the Souk @ Sat, an artisan show that happens once a year in Montreal, and I was super bummed out that I wouldn’t be able to make it to try the coffee out.

Fastforward to last week when I attended the Dinette Pop-Up, a one-night only event quite similar to the Souk but definitely more foodie oriented (Dinette is a super cool Quebecois foodie magazine).

I got the chance to chat with Marc-Alexandre, the genius behind the brand: such a cool guy. Turns out, he started roasting coffee in an old popcorn air-popper! Coffee wasn’t his first passion in life, but has now taken up all of his time. And that’s a good thing, because this coffee is amazing!


Available Blends: since 94 Celcius is a micro-roaster, the beans on hand will change frequently, but at the very moment, there are Rwandan, Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee blends available.

Purchase options: 340g, 2lb and 5lb bags, with online shopping options available.

The particular blend we tried, the Perou Jaén, comes from Perou and has notes of almonds, caramel and cocoa, according to the website.


Our rating of the Perou Jaén by 94 Celcius

The beans are beautifully roasted to perfection. Each cup of coffee we have had has been perfect, and there is balance of bitterness mixed in with smoothness and sweetness.

Preparation: 23g of finely ground coffee, extracted for 22 seconds (double shot of espresso); you can top it off with some foamed milk as well for a perfect latte.

End result: This has been one of the discoveries of the year! Although this blog is not even 1 yet and we have tried A LOT of different blends and single origin espressos, and this one is definitely in our top 5! Delicious on its own, and amazing in a latte, this coffee will be a crowd-pleaser for sure!

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