Coffee Break: Café Pacéfika

We’ve all had this happen to us: we headed over to a very popular and Insta-worthy coffee shop last weekend to meet with some out-of-town friends, only to be disappointed in the fact that the place was jam packed and we were being looked at rather angrily for having a low-toned discussion.

So we headed off down the street in the search of a new coffee place to hang out in… luckily enough, there was a shop about 50m away: empty and attractive pastry display, what better?! Welcome to Café Pacéfika.

Walking in, you are greeted by some super friendly faces and an impressive bar of foods and coffee. The coffee there is privately imported from Hawai (Kai Coffee Hawaii) and from Italy (Caffe Bertoni), so you are guaranteed for a damn fine cup of coffee! They have various healthy snacks, small lunches, and treats, and an impressive amount of non-coffee beverages.

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Bon vendredi !! ☕ Happy friday !!

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We sat down in one of the nook corners and ordered some drinks; the espresso and latte were AMAZING! It was also my first time seeing a coffee place make turmeric lattes, or golden milk! I’m used to seeing matcha and chai lattes, but turmeric lattes was my first.

The space is open with multiple different spots where you can choose to work, have a gossip date, or sit cozily in a nook with a good book.

One thing that I truly fell inlove with is the fact that it doesn’t try too hard to be hip and trendy like the first spot a couple doors down. The prices are great (12$ for a drip coffee, a turmeric latte, regular latte, and espresso), staff is friendly, and the environment is soothing.

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@cafepacefika It's summer! And summer is golden like our new Golden Latté! Full of Indian spices, it has ayurvedic health properties, boosts your immune system and tastes delicious. And isn't it beautiful? Your latest must-try… C'est l'été! Il fait beau comme l'or et comme notre nouveau Golden Latté! Il est plein d'épices de l'Inde, favorise la santé, renforce le système immunitaire et a un goût délicieux! Et bon, n'est il pas sompteux? Votre actuel essai incontournable… #mtlhotspot #mtlbeanstalk #foodiemontrealaise #mtlcafecrawl #mtlblog #cafeausoleil #health #sante #pacefikaohana #ayurvedic #adbeus #goldenlatte #turmeric #curcuma #mtlmoments #montréaljetaime #coffeeblog #latteart #cafepacefika

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Next time you’re in the area (Lambert-Closse & Maisonneuve), try out café Pacéfika!


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