Coffee Review: Chinook by Brûlerie aux quatre vents

If you ask my mom which is her favourite place to visit when she comes to Montreal, she’ll automatically say Atwater Market. It has actually become a little bit of a running gag when we talk to her and her plans to visit, since she would rather spend time there than with us!

When she came up last weekend for a quick visit, I took her there to explore and find some yummy things for the house. While we were shopping, we stumbled upon the Brûlerie aux quatre vents, a local roaster and coffee shop. Being in the Atwater Market, I thought I would give it a go, seeing as it should be fairly decent quality coffee… The double espresso I ordered turned out to be a piping hot americano that left me with a second degree burn down my throat and esophagus. It’s been almost seven days now, and I still can’t eat anything hot and my throat is still very raw.

Although I did not enjoy my experience there, I did bring home a bag of beans to try out (I had purchased them before purchasing the coffee, thank goodness). They suggested trying out the Chinook blend, which is a blend of at least 6 types of beans, and offers a smooth, rich, chocolaty and toasty taste.

Available blends: variety of single origins and blends

Ground options: whole bean or ground to your liking

Purchase options:  you can find them at the Atwater Market or online, right here

Our rating of the Chinook espresso blend

It definitely lives up to the taste profile that they advertise. The are medium dark beans and fairly oily, which is something that we don’t see too often with the type of beans we buy.

Preparation: 15-17g of finely ground coffee, extracted for 25 seconds (double shot), followed by 2% foamed lactose-free milk

This espresso blend is perfect for those that want a super rich and smooth coffee with little to no bitter aftertaste. I have a hunch that this would especially nice as a cold brew for those hot summer days.

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