Coffee Review: Black Cat Classic Espresso by Intelligentsia

Apparently I have something with animal named coffee blends.

This is purely by chance, since I’ve been meaning to review this particular blend since April!

This April, I tried out, for the firs time, the Black Cat Classic Espresso by Intelligentsia at Leaves Café; and again later this summer at  Hvmans Café. From all the places we’ve been to, not many carry this brand, and in all honesty, they should! Oh, I do know that Humble Lion does have some blends by Intelligensia, but I am unaware if they carry this particular blend.

According to Intelligentsia, their Black Cat Project is “The pursuit of espresso perfection in all its manifestations”. They believe that only the best sourced beans will deliver the best cup of coffee. I somewhat agree with them on this!

The Black Cat Classic Espresso is a blend of beans from Brazil and Costa Rica, and is said to have notes of stone fruits, dark sugars, and dark chocolate. This particular blend has been their staple since they opened in 1995

Available blends: variety of single origin beans, as well as blends.

Ground options: whole bean or an extended choice of grind sizes.

Purchase options: 12 oz bags, 1lbs bag, 5 lbs bag, in store or online.

Our rating of the Black Cat Project Espresso 

The beans are nicely roasted to a light brown, and offer a slight woody smell to them when you take the first whiff out of the bag.

Once poured out, it is fairly syrupy and has a sweet finish to it: it isn’t too acidic, which is perfect for when you want to have a milk based drink, such as a latte

Preparation: Since buying this bag of coffee, we have had a new espresso machine, the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine 870XL, which is a beast: she grinds our coffee beans for us, and doses it to the right amount. We did however measure/weigh out the coffee grind for you, and it still averages to about 15-17g of coffee for each double shot, at a fine grind. This was followed by foamed 2% lactose-free milk.

End result: In all honesty, I don’t really taste the stone fruit that they say this blend is known for… I find a more twiggy and woody taste, with a slight sweet tang, which could perhaps be reminiscent of peaches or nectarines, but I feel like I’m reaching.

This is a perfectly decent blend for your every day use for those of you that enjoy a “coffee” aftertaste when drinking lattes, or just to sip a black espresso to get you going for the gym!

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