Coffee Break: Café Lali

Since the arrival of our little fluff ball Kimchi, we have had very few calm moments to ourselves.

Last week, we decided to go out and explore in Pointe-Saint-Charles and St-Henri on a fairly rainy day while leaving the fluff ball at home for some R&R.

We rarely every go down that way, and it has been only quite recently that we’ve started exploring on Notre-Dame Ouest. There are several beautiful looking restaurants and antique shops along the way that we pressed our faced up against the window, since we’re too poor to even go in.

During our walk, we stumbled upon Café Lali, a cute art gallery and coffee shop. Quite unique in its layout, the shop has extremely high ceiling which allows for a beautiful spiral staircase and mezzanine for you to work or enjoy your cup of coffee. On the main floor, you’ll find the coffee bar, as well as many pieces of art all around.

Café Lali recently celebrated its first birthday; the mother-daughter duo that started the shop wanted to offer a grounding place for wandering and creative souls. Attached to the shop is an actual art gallery (and if I’m not mistaken, studio), but feel free to purchase some of the rotating art that is in the coffee shop! They host events and art openings and pop up shops, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page to stay up to date!

As for coffee, they serve De Mello coffee: as you might have guessed from my previous reviews on this particular roaster, isn’t my favourite, especially not in an espresso, but in a latte its ok. They offer a variety of vegan and non vegan treats, as well as a bunch of teas.

Oh, and it’s a pet friendly coffee shop, so if you’re out on a walk with your dog, you are both welcome! I think I spotted a treat jar on the counter as well!

We highly encourage you to stop by next time you’re in the area!

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