Coffee Review: Rescue Coffee Co.

Finally the day has come! This coming Tuesday we are heading out to pick up our fur baby! Yes! Marie & I have become fur-moms to an adorable little Cockapoo (cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle) that we’ve named after our two favourite Drag Queens. We’re more than excited to introduce you to Kimchi Del Rio!

This couldn’t have had better timing since this week, we tested out Rescue Coffee Co.’sBlack Dog Espresso” bean mix. Our local pet store is a retailer of this coffee, and when I saw that they had some new batches come in, I just had to get my hands on them.

A quick background: Rescue Coffee Co. is from Nova Scotia, and they are a coffee shop and roaster, and they give back 10% of their sales to partnering animal shelters. This is an amazing initiative, and for all you coffee drinking pet lovers, this is for you!

Available blends: you have a choice of light to dark roast blends, as well as an espresso blend

Ground options: whole bean or ground

Purchase options:  454g for 20$. The beans come in a compost friendly brown bag,you can buy them online or if you are in the Montreal area, Pawse Pet Boutique in Pointe-St-Charles carries them!

As mentioned, we got the “Black Dog Espresso” which they describe as a medium dark roast blend of Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Mexican and Peruvian beans that give a caramel and chocolate taste with a velvety finish.

Our rating of the Black Dog Espresso blend from Rescue Coffee Co.

True to their word, the beans are a nice medium dark roast, with a slight oily sheen, but not too shiny, which is a sign of a good medium roast. The smell is delicious and deep, and we were super happy when we noticed that the brown bag was compost friendly!

Preparation: 17g of finely ground beans, extracted for 25 seconds, followed with 2% foamed lactose-free milk.

End result: our verdict? the 20$ is worth it, not only just for the rescue/animal shelter donation. Beans that are over 18.50$ are a little overpriced (in our books) but seeing as they are fair-trade beans AND there is a donation, we can justify this as being an excellent purchase.

From the first sip, you can taste the toasty chocolate and caramel notes, and the mouth-feel is velvety and smooth. For those of you that don’t enjoy the bitter after taste, you’ll be glad to know that this isn’t a thing with this roast! All you get is delicious coffee all the way through.

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