Coffee Break : Humble Lion

Established in 2012, the Humble Lion is one of the McGill’s student body’s officially unofficial hangout near campus. Currently hidden under scaffolding, you might have a hard time finding it, but once you do, you’ll probably never want to leave.

Walking in, you have a couple of tables and seating option by the front window and along the main wall: perfect spaces to have an impromptu study session or much needed gossip fest.

Taking up a good chunk of the space is the enormous coffee bar, that is filled with not only coffee machines, but with delicious looking treats!

Humble Lion’s coffee selection varies from time to time, but you will most likely be drinking Intelligentsia coffee, which is one of my next coffee reviews, as well as some Bow and Arrows coffee. You will also find a nice selection of coffee based beverages as well as other beverages (think teas and such). I was a little surprised at the prices, especially the cost of an espresso, but they do state that all espresso comes in a double shot format, so I’m guessing it’s worth the price!

A friendly suggestion from the barista was if I was wanting to come and work, probably not the best idea to come during or around lunch times, seeing as the lineup was about 5 people deep and there was no room whatsoever at 11:30 am. And if you’re like me and need a quiet space to work, it’s probably not the place for you to head to for a productive afternoon.

However, if you’re looking for a spot for a team meeting or somewhere to get inspiration from, Humble Lion is your go-to!

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