Coffee Review: Equator Coffees

I always try to find the silver lining in everyday life, because life would be so sad if we were to only focus on the negative things. To sum it up, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year, and things have recently started getting quite intense quite fast. Because of this, she is now living with my mom full time and requires constant supervision. To help out, I go back home every other weekend when Marie has school to spend the weekend with her so my mom can take a day off for herself. Although Alzheimer’s is quite scary and sad, I keep telling myself that I’m lucky to be able to spend time with two wonderful women that have raised me to be who I am today.

On my last trip, we went to Almonte, a quaint little town in the Mississippi Mills area of Ottawa, Ontario. It’s quite a beautiful place to go to in the summer, especially when walking along the water and enjoying the little boutiques and restaurants.

On this trip, my mom took us to a coffee shop/roaster that she thought I would be interested in. Of course, I couldn’t say no! So off we went to Equator Coffees‘ roasting location in Almonte. They have been around since 1998, providing the Ottawa Valley with delicious fair trade coffee that is roasted to perfection. We left the store with their North Star Espresso and their Eclipse Decaf coffee blend.

Available blends: single origin as well as blends

Ground options: whole bean, can be ground on the spot

Purchase options: 12 oz bags starting at 14.50$

The North Star Espresso is described to taste of sweet cocoa and dark cherry, with a velvety finish.

Our rating for the North Star Espresso

This particular roast is a medium dark roast, with a rich smell of coffee, but not the chocolatey one you are accustomed to with a dark roast. It has a slight woody and earth smell to it as well, which I found quite interesting.

Preparation: 18g of finely ground coffee, extracted for 25 seconds, 2% lactose-free foamed milk

End result: On its own, the coffee has a slight saltiness to it, which many find quite unpleasant to drink without adding anything to it. It also didn’t really work in my mom’s drip machine, although I had warned her that it wouldn’t since it wasn’t a dark roast. Mom, if you’re reading this, you should listen to me when I say it won’t work!

However, as an espresso shot in a latte, the saltiness and bitterness give away to a pleasant chocolatey and earthy flavour, with a noticeable coffee taste, which is what I look for in a coffee. I have yet to try it cold, but I suspect that in an iced latte or cold brew, it would yield quite yummy results.

If you don’t feel like driving up to Almonte, although you should, you can find their coffee shop in Ottawa on Churchill, or online! Their prices definitely make them a contender to other pricier fair trade brands, so go treat yourself to a bag today!


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