Coffee Review: Indie Coffee Passport

Alas, the time has come… The 14th of August has flown by, which means that we can no longer use our Indie Coffee Passport. This also means that we can give our honest review about this passport!

To kick things off, we received a set of these passports for Christmas last year, and got to start using them on January 15th 2017. The idea behind this passport is that you pay 30$ and you get a passport with 30 independent coffee shop locations that offer you a pick of one drink out of a pre-selection of drinks so that you can try new coffees out!

The idea is genius! On the preselected drinks menu, you usually have an option of a drip coffee, an espresso, a latte/cappuccino, tea, and a 5th drink that varies. Each coffee shop has their own special brand of beans, so you’re almost guaranteed to try a new coffee out each time. If you do the quick math, and decide you’re only going to try lattes, you’re looking at a bill of 135$ (on average, 4.5$ total for a latte x 30). You’re saving quite a lot of money by getting this passport!

Furthermore, you’re getting the chance to explore the city and discover new coffee shops that you perhaps would have never known about, or even considered trying, had you not had purchased the passport. What’s not to love? Grabbing a coffee to go and walking in a new neighborhood? Perfect weekend date. What’s also really nice is that all the shops on this passport are independent shops, so never mind that Starbucks or Tim Hortons, you’re in for the real deal!

All this sounds perfect in theory, but here comes the downsides. You can only use said passport between January 15th and August 14th (of this year); that’s 210 days, or 30 weeks.

If you work a regular 9-5 job somewhere, remove at least 5 days a week from that list, that’s 150 days, meaning you have only 60 days (Saturday and Sundays) total to try out 30 coffee shops. That’s one coffee shop a weekend. Seems feasible right?

Now, factor in bad weather, vacation, studying, unexpected family visits, life in general… You’re not left with that much time. You’ll also have to factor in travel time, since if you’re like us and don’t live in an area that has many of these shops within walking distance or 10 minutes or less public transport distance, it requires some planning.

The first year we moved to Montreal, we saw a sign for this in our local coffee shop, but decided not to purchase the passport since it was fairly close to its expiry date, and we completely forgot about it last year.

Marie’s mom gave these to us for Christmas this year and she was afraid that we wouldn’t know what it was or weren’t going to be interested, but the moment we saw the logo we were jumping for joy.

Although it is a little time consuming and requires some weekend planning, we HIGHLY recommend this for yourself or as a gift! It is an excellent way to discover the city, especially if you’re new, and also a great way to show friends around when they come to visit.

We didn’t have enough time this year to finish all of it, we went to half of the shops: some of them were just too far and it didn’t justify an hour and a half bus/metro ride for a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. We are however planning on getting a pass next year to finish it up, and it’s in our list of must-buy Christmas gifts.

Oh! Hey Indie Coffee Passport! If you’re reading this, we’d love to get in touch with you and talk about how we can contribute to future editions!


cover picture: ICP 

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