Coffee Break: Esquina, Bar à Café

Last weekend we had a coffee hunting extravaganza. We tried not one, not two, but three coffee shops in the span of an hour and a half. And let me tell you, I’ve never walked that fast in my life! Caffeine sure does put a pep in your step!

Our first stop of the day was at the Cardynal espresso bar in the Plateau, which was then followed by the Esquina Coffee Bar, located a couple of streets down. Hidden on a side street off of Mont-Royal ave., Esquina offers a relaxed and calm space to sit down and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

They have lovely front window seating, completed with a window seat, which is great to curl up in with a good cup of coffee to catch up on weekly gossip with friends, as well as several small tables where you can sit down to get some productive work in.

To my extreme happiness, they serve Pilot Coffee, a torontonian coffee roaster that we have previously reviewed and loved. Furthermore, it is a vegan coffee shops, so all pastries and treats are vegan friendly. Oh! You can also buy some delicious locally made chocolate by Chocolats Monarque, which are hard to come by but oh so delicious.

If you’re in the Plateau and you’re looking for a vegan-friendly place, or just a great place for a delicious cup of coffee, Esquina Bar à Café is the place to go!

 Cover picture: Esquina Bar à Café



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