Coffee Review: Cherry Bomb Coffee

This first coffee review of the month is all about a coffee that we picked up our first day of holidays in Toronto! It fueled every day of our trip, and we’re on our last beans right now. So if you’re in Toronto and feel like making your way to Roncesvalles, stop by Cherry Bomb Coffee Roasters to pick up a bag!

We quickly mentioned Cherry Bomb Coffee in our Travel series, but here’s a little bit more about the shop and its coffees! It originally roasted it’s coffees under Spitfire Coffee Roasters, but has swapped to Cherry Bomb Coffee just to keep it cohesive. Not only do they roast their regular blends, they do custom roasted small batches of coffee, which is what we picked up! We purchased their dark roast Cuban Turquino Lavado. When you purchase the custom blend, they have usually been roasted in the past 24h to insure freshness.


Available Blends: home blends and craft blends

Ground Options: whole beans

Purchase options: in store, 340g, prices vary depending on what blends you pick

Our rating for the Cuba Turquino Lavado – dark roast

OHHHHHHHHH MAMA! This was our first time drinking a Cuban coffee, which had me curious from the start. Although the roasting process plays a big role in the final flavors of the beans, we wanted to see if there would be any difference compared to our other dark roast that we like, our beloved i deal coffee. Usually with dark roasts, you can expect rich, velvety feel, with notes of chocolate, burn toast (not like, super burnt), roasted nuts, and caramel. We can confirm that this particular custom batch is spot on.

Preparation: 18g finely ground, extracted for 25 seconds, served black, and in a latte (2% lactose-free milk foamed).

End Result: Magnifique! So velvety and smooth on its own, and its a real treat in a latte. It has a robust taste which shines though a hefty dose of foamed milk, and leaves you with a pleasant after taste. When served as a “short” (ristretto) double shot, it doesn’t have a noticeable aftertaste, just a tiny hint of bitterness, but overall delicious chocolatey and nutty flavor. Bravo Cherry Bomb! We want more please!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rachael says:

    I can attest to the magnifique-ness of this coffee, and to Zoe’s preperation skills. Best espresso ever made in our home, to say the very least!! xx


    1. Too kind Rachael 😉 Glad you liked it!


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