Coffee Review: Cut Coffee Roasters

As promised, here is the third coffee review of the month: Espresso Butter Knife by Cut Coffee Roasters.

We got this a bag the first week of July and have been testing it out for you, and there is a reason why it has taken us so long to write about it.

Before we go into the review, here is a bit about the roasters’ themselves and their coffee.

According to their minimalist website, Cut Coffee roasters offers exceptional coffees that have been meticulously roasted, and that are always sweet and clean.

I personally didn’t know much about them, and when I picked up my bag at Pikolo Espresso Bar, I had a choice between the Butter Knife and the Bloom, and it was strongly suggested that I try the Butter Knife if I wanted something that had an amazing taste and gave a punch.

Available blends: choices vary according to their sourcing.

Purchase options: 12 oz bags starting around 16$

Ground options: whole beans.

According to their website, the Butter Knife espresso blend is a blend that consists of Brazilian and Papua New Guinea beans and it’s flavor profile is of raspberry jam and peanut butter. They state that “Butter Knife is designed to perform as a rich, jammy, stand-alone espresso but also blends perfectly with milk to produce nutty, sweet, creamy drinks”.

Our rating for the Butter Knife Espresso Blend

As we mentioned, there’s a reason why this review has taken a lot of time to come out. We’ve been trying this coffee every way possible (hot, cold, frozen, in other drinks), and we’re not sold on it.

Preparation: 18g finely ground, double shot extracted for 30 seconds, along with foamed 2% lactose-free milk.

End result: Now, as mentioned in previous articles, light roasted coffees are complex by nature, which means that their flavor profiles can be hard to achieve. Furthermore, taste profiles are subjective to the taster’s palate: thankfully, Marie and I have similar coffee preferences, and we both agreed that this coffee is not for us. When purchasing this coffee, I made it clear that we liked strong and bold coffees with interesting flavor profiles, but it is quite possible that to the person who suggested this blend, it fit the profile.

In no way to we want to say that this coffee isn’t good, far from it! It did live up to its sweet and creamy taste, but we both found that it didn’t have the coffee punch and taste that we love.

We personally won’t be buying this particular blend again, but we are definitely open to trying out others! We would recommend this to any one that doesn’t particularly like the taste of coffee or prefers having a softer and subtle coffee flavor in their drinks.

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