Coffee Break: Shaughnessy Café

If you’ve ever gotten off at Atwater station and walked down Ste Catherine towards downtown, you’ll have noticed that the streets are busy, and so are the shops.

Being pretty much in the middle of all the university and college campuses, it can be pretty difficult finding a quiet spot to sit and get some quality work in. Also, you always end up paying big bucks for so so coffees and snacks.

If you walk a mere 2 minutes away from the Alexis Nihon, down on Maisonneuve, you will stumble upon Shaughnessy Café, a small independent coffee on a street corner. But beware, if you’re not paying attention, you won’t see it!

You pretty much have to look down, since it’s entrance is at basement level, but both sides facing the street corner are giant windows, allowing for a ton of daylight. There are bar-height tables, one long communal table and some individual tables and armchairs: something for everyone!

Coffee wise, they serve Fernwood Roasters , which offers a variety of single origin coffees, various blends, espresso, and decaf beans. They also have a variety of non-caffeinated beverages and delicious snacks.

If you’re in the area often, pick up their loyalty card, the more you come and drink their coffee, you’ll get rewarded with a free drink after the 10th.

Shaughnessy Café is a great place to come and get some productive work done, without being bothered by the crowds and chatty types. You can grab a cup to go, and even pick up your bag of beans to brew your own cup of joe at home!


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