Coffee Break in Gatineau: Café Mulligan

We’re taking you on a little roadtrip this week, taking you to Aylmer, Gatineau, for a quick little coffee break!

For those that aren’t familiar with the area, it is the major anglophone neighborhood of the Gatineau region, located along the Ottawa/Ouatouais river. It’s quite picturesque, especially in the older part near the marina.

Over the weekend, I was in Aylmer to celebrate my bestie’s birthday, and we stopped at Café Mulligan, the local independent coffee shop, every. single. day. Located in a historical century house, this coffee shop knows how to charm your pants off.

Whether you’re biking down to the marina, out walking your puppy, or on your way to work, Café Mulligan has what you are looking for. They have a full coffee based beverage menu (hot and cold), as well as teas, smoothies, etc. They also have an excellent of snacks and small meals, all made locally or in house!



When you walk up, you’re greeted by beautiful gardens, and amazing hand sculpted wooden statues, and a giant wrap around front porch if you feel like drinking your coffee in the sunshine. Inside, the old century home has been remodeled: cozy corners to sit and catch up with old friends, and a great place to sit and study quietly. Featured on their walls are pieces of art from local artists that get changed up frequently.

If you’ve seen our article about visiting Ottawa, you’ve read about Aylmer, so now you have one more reason to go visit the beautiful area. Oh and bring your bathing suit… you can walk down to the beach and spend the day tanning and having fun!

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