Coffee Review: Little Victories Coffee Roasters

This week’s roast is brought to you by Little Victories, an independent coffee roaster from Ottawa! Although we love our i deal coffee blends, we thought we’d try something new, in order to encourage more local businesses while back home for some quick little holidays. We discovered not only a super cool coffee shop and bar, Origins, we also were introduced to Little Victories’ espresso blend, which knocked us off our feet!

The duo behind Little Victories, Jeremie Thompson and Andrew Bassett, have both worked for years in the coffee scene, either as barista or roaster, working in various locations in Ottawa as well as Melbourne, Australia. Both wanted to share their knowledge and know-how by offering their hometown of Ottawa a leg up in the coffee industry.

They source their coffees ethically though direct trade whenever possible and in order to be more environmentally friendly, they deliver their wholesale coffees in re-usable branded pails, which limits the amount of foil bags found in landfills. If you do end up buying coffee beans to take home, their retail bags are completely compostable (after removing the tin-tie), which furthers their efforts in being green. They tend to specialize in light roasts, which have more complex profiles and flavor notes.

Available blends: the blends change from time to time, so it is best to grab some when you see it!

Purchase options: 340g or 5lbs, the 340g bags starting at 15$… you can also get either an espresso subscription or filter coffee subscription membership!

Ground options: whole beans

We purchased the 7-10 Split Espresso (340g), which they describe as smooth and sweet with a creamy mouthfeel, with delicate flavours of fruit and sage, along with a raw cacao finish. They use a blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan beans to achieve this finish. According to their website, making a perfect blend of espresso that will shine through milk, as well as be excellent on its own is one of the hardest things to do.


Our rating for the 7-10 Split Espresso Blend

We’re torn… but in a good way. We *think* that we may have found a new favourite coffee…a coffee that outperforms our beloved i deal coffee Around the World blend.

As mentioned, Little Victories specializes in light roasts, which are often more complex and harder to achieve the perfect flavour profile than dark roasts. Comparing their light roast beans with i deal’s dark roasted beans, they have a very similar taste profile: rich, smooth, with a distinct chocolatey finish. To achieve such a taste profile from a light roast is truly amazing, which is why we are so torn.

Preparation: 18g finely ground, double shot extracted for 30 seconds, along with foamed 2% lactose free milk

End result: A perfect latte… something that you’d order at a high end coffee shop and not blink twice at stupidly expensive price. It is on the less expensive side of our price range, which is always a great thing for our budget, but provides the taste and feel of a very expensive blend. We may have found our new benchmarker?!

Ps: i deal coffee, don’t worry, we still love you! You still make my all-time favourite decaf blend, and seeing that I usually drink a second cup of coffee around 2pm and can’t tolerate caffeine past 1pm, you are still #1 in my heart!

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