Coffee Review: Pilot Coffee Roaster

Lets start July off on the right foot! We’re starting the month off with a new batch of coffees to try! We currently have three different pouches of beans from various roasters: we’ve been testing them to give you the deets.

This past week, we’ve been drinking Pilot Coffee Roasters, their Dabesa “washed” beans.


Pilot Coffee Roasters has one purpose “roast great coffee and work with great people” and they are committed to innovation, great service and quality.

In order to keep their promise, they have a Direct Trade program put in place where their trusted partners travel to and meet the growers and their farms in order to come up with a business agreement: this way, proceeds go directly to them and not through a middle man.

Furthermore, they roast each batch meticulously until they develop the perfect roast profile that unlocks each bean’s potential, so that we can brew the perfect cup.

Available blends: multiple single origin beans, as well as various blends.

Purchase options: you can purchase online, starting at 17.50$ (options for 12 oz or 5lbs) or in select coffee shops (here in Montreal, Café Pista sells them!). You can also purchase a subscription pack where you get pouches sent to your house!

Ground options: whole beans

We purchsed the Dabesa “washed” Ethiopian blend, which is considered as a floral and fruity coffee, with a note of earl grey (bergamot), and has a silky mouthfeel with crisp acidity.

They have a “parameter guide” for each coffee with shows you how to prepare your coffee, may it be drip, espresso, French press, etc., which is the first time I ever see a roaster offer this on their website.

Our rating for the Dabesa Ethiopian blend

One word: delicious! It definitely has that Earl Grey tea note when had black, but definitely shines through in a latte. I do admit it does have a slight acidity that does remind me of oranges, but it isn’t that noticeable.

Preparation: according to the parameter guide, they suggest around 17.4g of finely ground coffee with a 28 second extraction period. I went with 18g and 30 seconds, and it’s bang on. As always, we had 2% foamed lactose-free milk.

End result: I consider it to be one of my favourites, and although the price is a little high, I can definitely see myself purchasing this again. It ranges with our all time favourites, such as the Kittel and Kaito blends, so it’s a good one!



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