Coffee Break in Ottawa : Origin Trade

I love coming back home: I love coming home to my mom’s food, seeing my family, and visiting my old favorites. I also love coming back home to discover new stores and restaurants that have popped up over the years that I’ve been away.

For example, today we discovered Origin Trade, a new-ish coffee shop by day and wine bar by night down in the Byward Market. It’s been open for a year or so, but I just recently heard about it, so I had to try it out for myself.

Located on the corner of Dalhousie and York, Origin is tucked away between Pub 101 and a row of old houses. If you didn’t know it was two doors down from the corner, you’d most likely miss it since it’s not in the most pedestrian area, but it’s inviting patio covered in tealights and it’s yellow facade call your name.

When you walk in, you can really see and feel that it was an old house that has been re-purposed as restaurants and coffee houses; in the main hall, you have a cozy couch and armchair nook, a main room with a couple of bar height tables, some sitting at the coffee and beverage bar, and a room that can be closed off with hidden doors. You can actually rent the place out for events and such: had I a need to do so, I would definitely rent it!

They serve multiple coffee based beverages, teas, and others, as well as light meals that feature locally sourced ingredients. In the afternoons and evenings, you can pop in to enjoy some local craft beers, wines and cocktails, as well as charcuterie and cheese boards, and other elegant snacks.

Its location is perfect, right downtown, close enough to the university campus and local offices for an after school/work special, or even as a perfect spot to get some work or studying done. Oh! They also have some fun specials every day, so it’s definitely a worthy date night or gossip night with the girls kind of place.

If you’re in town for holidays, you should definitely give them a try; I was over the moon to know that they had lactose free milk as an option, as well as non-dairy options for your coffee. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable about the area, so if you have any questions about things to do and see, they will have an answer for you!


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