Coffee Break: Pigeon Espresso Bar

Looking the worst cup of coffee in Montreal? Pigeon Espresso Bar want’s you to think that they indeed have the worst… but in fact, its quite delicious.

I have a paralyzing fear of pigeons… the stupid things rather walk across the street and hold up traffic instead of using its two wings to flap across the road. They don’t care for you and won’t really flinch out of your way when you walk by them… and they seem to want to follow you and swoop in at the most awkward moments.

Now, I don’t know if it’s because of my tiny blonde pony tail/bun, due to my undercut, looks like sprigs of hay or dried grass for their nest, or they just sense the fear in me, but pigeons know to target me.

I was kind of skeptical going to the Pigeon Espresso Bar, just in case they got their name from a domesticated equivalent of a winged rat, but I went anyways, mostly intrigued by their sign stating that they in fact had the worst coffee and were proud of it.

It’s really easy to walk by, since it’s basically a 7 foot long counter with ceiling to floor windows, but now that the patio chairs and tables are out, it’s easier to find. It’s a couple of steps off of Crescent, one of the hip and popular streets downtown, nestled in the student golden mile.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by shiny espresso machines, a neon pigeon sign and a smiling barista. They have a couple of snacky options, and a pretty decent list of coffee-based drinks, along with pouches of their beans for you to take home. Their house espresso is strong and robust, with a chocolaty note, which is great for a quick boost. You can also find some Stumptown coffee beans as well.


Its only a 3 minute walk from the Guy-Concordia station, so stay away from all the money traps (Starbucks and Second Cups) and make your way over here to have so-called horrible coffee to start your day!

Also find them on Facebook and Instagram!

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