Coffee Review: Dark Matter Coffee

Social media is a wonderful thing: it keeps you updated on what’s happening in the world, who wore what when, who your ex is now dating, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

It is also an amazing business and networking tool, as well as a trend moderator. With just a tap and swipe of a finger, you have access to thousands upon thousands of key bits of information and knowledge.

It is through social media that I discovered today’s coffee! Yup, one of the people I follow on Instagram (@gonzoaesthetic) made a quick little video about her love for the packaging of the Dark Matter Unicorn Blood coffee pouch, to which I sent a shy little message asking her where she found it. She gave me a few pointers, and next thing you know, I received my first delivery of Dark Matter Coffee!

Today is all about Unicorn Blood!


From what I found online, Dark Matter Coffee started sometime between 2007 and 2008, and has been one of Chicago’s most creative independent roasters. They aligned themselves with organizations like Fair Trade Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, in order to ensure fair pratices, as well as create partnerships with famers in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Their transparent practices have allowed them to maintain a high standard for quality control, which you can tell with every sip you take.

They have been known to experiment with their beans and the fermentation process (future article in the works about this particular process!) and ageing them in barrels that were once used for rum or cognac. Definitely limited edition stuff, but I am keeping an eye out to eventually get my hands on some!

They have a multitude of various blends and single origins, all with eye-catching designs and names. Since they are located in the States, I bought two different pouches, Unicorn Blood and A Love Supreme; with the shipping and conversion, it was on the pricier side of things.

Available blends: they have rotating blends available at all time, with several limited edition batches, so it’s worthwhile to go check their site periodically to see what is available

Ground options: by default, their beans are whole, but you can ask to get them ground for you when checking out of their online store

Purchase options: 12 oz bags (340g), subscriptions for monthly deliveries as well

For the Unicorn Blood blend, they describe it as a “Northern Italian inspired espresso blend”: “it will tease your palate’s deepest pleasures with massive walnut aroma, creamy peanut butter body, and an intense yet balanced milk chocolate finish”. It has definite notes of Dutch cocoa, cherry, and praline.

Our rating for the Unicorn Blood from Dark Matter Coffee

Without even opening the delivery box, I knew exactly what was in it by the delicious coffee smell. I wasn’t patient enough to wait until this morning to make myself a cup of coffee, so I ripped the box and bags open to make myself a double shot of espresso to boost myself.

The beans are light and dry and aromatic, which I love. So far, we have tried them in a double shot espresso, and a double shot latte. Next up will be cold brew, but that will have to wait a bit!

Preparation: 18g finely ground, double shot extracted for 30 seconds, 2% lactose free milked, foamed.

End result: on its own, the acidity is barely noticeable, you don’t feel like puckering or wanting to dump a kilo of sugar in it. The notes are well balanced, leaving you with a pleasant mouthfeel and aftertaste. You can most definitely taste the chocolate and cherry notes.  I was afraid that it would lose its taste in a latte since it is on the milder side, but I was mistaken! It shines through, velvety and smooth.

On an important note, no unicorns seemed to have been harmed in the process of making; you will however feel some type of super strength, power, and invincibility after having a sip of this coffee.

If you’re in the Chicago area, my area in Montreal and wanting to pop by for a coffee, or have a couple spare bucks, we highly recommend this brew… even if it’s just for the packaging!

Although it retails at 15$ (USD), which is a fair price, conversion and shipping make it a special occasion/guest coffee for me; Dark Matter Coffee, please find a retailer in Montreal! We’d love to help you out with that since your coffee is DELICIOUS.

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