Out and About: K.Flay


Back in March, Zoë and I went to see one of our favorite bands, who were in town for their No Culture tour, Mother Mother. As it happens sometimes when you go to a show, we didn’t know anything about the opening act before getting there.

The show was in a beautiful room downtown Montreal which I’d never been before, L’Astral. The round-shaped venue provides pretty decent view to the stage wherever you stand, so we picked a spot and gladly enjoyed a drink while impatiently waiting for the show to start.

Right on time, the opening act, K.Flay, took the stage, joined by a drummer and a guitarist. The first few guitar riffs got Zoë and I to instantly look at each other and say : «That sounds awesome!»

K.Flay, native from Illinois, released her first album, Life as a Dog, in 2014, after writing and recording music for a decade. Her style is the best parts of alternative hip-hop, indie and electro mixed together. Her lyrics are engaged, her melodies are catchy yet sophisticated, and her rapping is impressive. After maybe the first two songs, the crowd, which apart from a know-every-word-to-every-song fan, seemed pretty new to K.Flay’s world, and was enchanted.

The energy coming from the singer was so intense I think my mouth was wide open in admiration the whole show (I admit, I’m jealous of talented/badass musicians). She took the bass or the keyboards for some songs, but mostly let her musicians do their magic, while she was owning the stage with her words.

K.Flay announced a brand new album dropping in April and played a few new songs. I was stoked and basically instantly pre-ordered it. At the beginning of April, Every Where Is Some Where was released, and I haven’t been so excited by an album in the past year as much as this one. Every piece is more impressive than the other, lyrically and musically.

K.Flay is definitely my coup de coeur of the moment. She’s also a great role model for female artists and proves hip-hop and indie music aren’t only a boys’ thing.

Watch out for her on the Imagine Dragons’ Evolve tour (https://www.imaginedragonsmusic.com/tour), with Grouplove, coming this fall :

  • Quebec City on October 26th at Vidéotron Center
  • Montreal on October 27th at Bell Center

You’ll definitely want to get in early for that!


cover picture : Laurie Fanelli (K.Flay facebook)

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