Coffee Break: Hvmans Cafe

One of the best things about living in Montreal is that every where you go, there’s always something new to do and see/try out. Having been stuck indoors for the better part of a month due to prepping for a practice exam for my PhD, I’ve missed out on new places opening up, and just walking about downtown in general.

Yesterday was doomsday, or well what I thought would be doomsday but turned out to be a piece of cake; my exam that is, no actual cake. After my exam, I made my way back downtown for a bit of retail therapy, and on my way, I stumbled across a new coffee shop that I just had to test out.

Hvmans cafe is right on the corner of MacKay and St-Catherines, located pretty much right in the middle of Concordia/McGill student mecca. There are obviously a couple of big chain coffee shops (Starbucks an Second Cups), but to my knowledge, there wasn’t really anything like Hvmans cafe nearby.

The cafe is located on the corner of the strip, so it has two full walls of windows, giving you all that natural light you need for those Instagram worthy pictures. Even though you’ll be sitting on the corner of one of the busiest streets in Montreal, the white walls, minimalist decorations, and wall of succulents for sale will keep you nice and zen. They offer a selection of vegan treats and beauty products, as well as some bags of roasted beans from a couple of my favorite roasters.

Although I didn’t stay to work (there is limited seating and you best be ready to grab that table with the best view before everyone else), I had a super delicious double shot on ice, and while I was waiting for my order, got to find some zen in my life, since I had just finished my prep exam!

The prices are fairly standard, and quite honestly, I’d rather spend my money there, supporting independent little cafes than going across the street to Six-bucks (heheh see what I did there!).

You can find them on Instagram here and on the Th3d Wave app! Make sure to tag them in your insta pictures too!

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