Coffee Break: Leaves Café

Hidden among the tall buildings and one way streets, Leaves Cafe is just waiting for you to stumble upon it.

Although the quite surprisingly slow start, Leaves Cafe has come one of the “it” spots for vegan foodies and Instagramers alike. It’s located in student heaven: practically 200m away from the Guy-Concordia metro station exit, and halfway down the hill from McGill. What’s more, it’s across the street from Anthropologie and Suit Supply, two hugely successful stores which are quite popular with the “in” crowd.

Now, I’m no wiz when it comes to estimating spaces, but I would assume that it isn’t much more than 8′ wide and 16′ deep, but this little coffee place feels like home. High white walls, lots of natural sunlight, make you feel at home. There are tons of plants and cacti (all for sale) just hanging out around the coffee shop, and beautiful fairy lights are strung across the ceiling.

Once you make your way up to the counter, you’ll notice two things: the amazing coffee they use, and the amazing vegan goodies they serve. Yup, Leaves Cafe is a fully functioning vegan cafe! Oh, and other than delicious coffee and treats, cacti and plants, they also sell a variety of vegan products (such as BKind products).

Quick note on the coffees they serve: they had, the day I went in, two different brands of coffee available, De Mello Pelhta coffees that we’ve had at several other coffee places here in Montreal, which are smooth and soft on the palate, and Intelligentsia coffees, more specifically the Black Cat espresso blend. It was my first time trying this particular brand out, and I regret now not buying a pouch. I had a double shot on ice, and you can definitely taste the dark chocolate and citrus flavors for which they are known.

So vegans of Montreal, rejoice! Well, not just vegans, but anyone wanting a delicious cup of coffee in the downtown core near McGill and Concordia, Leaves Cafe has got the right stuff for you!

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