Coffee Break: Café Bloom

Last week, Marie and I decided we would try something new: go out for a breakfast date. To maximize on time, we found a little coffee shop in Pointe-St-Charles that was right across the street from her office, and that coincidentally was on the Indie Coffee Passport. This little gem is the Café Bloom.

One of the first things you notice when walking in are the tall white walls, rustic tables and chairs, and HUGE chalkboard menu filled with delicious foods and drinks. You instantly feel cozy and zen, which is great if you want to have an intimate conversation or be super productive in the work you need to get done.

First up, we ordered some coffees with our passport; I went for a double espresso and Marie for a latte. I noticed that they were using the same beans as My Little Cup, which made me really happy since I thoroughly enjoyed my espresso when I tested them out. Marie also ordered herself a GIANT fluffy waffle that came with some real maple syrup (you know it’s a quality place when they serve the real stuff), and our friend Phil (aka the Third Wheel on our date) had some layered granola and yogurt.


If you get a chance, definitely come for breakfast on weekends, or lunch during the week, since the menu is amazing and everything is made in house. Marie was blown away by her waffle, and I’m currently begging her to buy me a waffle iron so I can make some for myself at home (yay for allergies).

Phil and I ended up staying for an hour or so after Marie left, to get some of our work done (we’re both doing our PhD and having a hard time self-motivating); the ambiance is definitely study friendly, but if you’re like me and can’t really focus on important things when there’s music playing, I definitely suggest bringing a pair of earplugs just to cancel out the ambient noise.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit at Café Bloom. Taking into consideration that we ordered food, the prices for what was served were justified (quality and quantity were perfect), and they have a variety of items on the menu to choose from… they even have a “quicky” menu with small finger foods that are readily available. Their coffees and drinks selections are great, and they even have a few items that you can purchase to take home!

Credit for cover & inside the shop picture: Ian Woo for Café Bloom

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