Coffee Review: 49th Parallel

Morning mate!

Alright, so I’m a little hopped up on caffeine and no sleep, but that’s fine, since I’m about to give you my two cents on a new coffee bean!

After the last batch of not so great beans, I was kind of nervous to crack open this one, even if it’s from a completely different roaster, mostly because the girl that sold these bags to me assured me that they were both strong, and über popular blends that taste amazing in lattes.  Which was not the case for the Detour beans we got.

This week, we tentatively tried 49th Parallel‘s “Old School Espresso”, and here is what we think!

Available Blends:

  • Single origin drip beans
    • Burundi Nkanda
    • Colombia Buena Vista
    • Colombia Las Flores
    • Ethiopian Kayon Mountain
    • Peru Union y Fe Organic
  • Blend drip beans
    • Longitude 123 W Blend
    • Organic French Roast
  • Espresso single origin
    • Colombia Pasto Single
  • Espresso blends
    • Epic Espresso
    • Old School Espresso
    • Blue Sky Espressso
  • Decaf single origin
    • Colombia Magdalena

Purchase options: 16oz. or 5lbs, starting at 15.50$, online shopping available, monthly subscription deliveries available.

Ground options: whole beans.

We bought the “Old School Espresso” blend, which they describe as “a medium roast espresso, roasted in the medium/dark range to highlight the sweetness and body in the coffee”. It is “ideal for those who prefer low acidity and full body. Dark chocolate aroma with round flavours of cocoa, caramel and molasses”.

Our rating for the Old School Espresso

You are immediately hit with smells of cocoa and caramel when you open this bag of beans, which is such a soothing and happy smell when you wake up in the morning.

The beans are nice and dry, which is always a good sign. These two things combined already put me at ease, making me forget the last batch of new coffee we tried.

Preparation: fine grind, double shot of espresso, and 2% lactose free milk foamed.

End result: YESSSSS! This particular espresso blend does live up to its name, and does indeed shine in a latte.

As they state on their website, the Old School Blend delivers! You can definitely smell and taste the cocoa and caramel flavours of the coffee, even when doused with milk. It provides the kick in the pants you need in the morning to get you going without being too acidic and bitter.

For those of you who like sweeter, and lower in acidity coffee, this is the blend for you!

I will however say that it is a little pricey (19.75$ for 454g), but as a treat, it is worth it.



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