Coffee Review: Detour Coffee

Since I can remember, I have always had a love-hate relationship with the month of April. I love it since my birthday is at the end of the month, and usually there is no snow. I hate it since it’s the clear arrival of deadlines, exams, and income taxes. What says coffee more than looming deadlines and last minute brain cramming?

Last week, we tried out Melk Bar à Café on Stanley and I left the shop with two bags of beans to stock up for the coming weeks. We first tried Detour coffee’s Punch Buggy Blend, and here is our review.

Detour Coffee Roasters are located in Burlington, Ontario, and have made it their mission to ensure that “nobody ever has to drink a bad cup of coffee again”. They purchase most of the time directly from origin and roast-to-order in order to monitor and adjust their batches to offer that perfect cup of coffee.

Available blends:

  • La Lia, Costa Rica: tastes of nectarine, papaya, brown sugar.
  • Bella Vista, Colombia: tastes of cocoa, soft tropical fruit, cinnamon.
  • Los Girasoles, Costa Rica: tastes of orange, caramel, black tea.
  • Sierra Madre, Guatemala: tastes of sweet apple cider, dried fruit, blood orange.
  • Bottle Neck Blend, Guatemala & Nicaragua: smooth, rich, and balanced.
  • Detour Dark Blend, Guatemala & Brazil: tastes of dark chocolate, molasses, and black pepper.
  • Decaf Grapos, Mexico: tastes of chocolate, caramel, berries
  • Punch Buggy Espresso Blend, Brazil & Guatemala: tastes of chocolate, nuts and subtle fruits.
  • Sierra Madre Espresso, Guatemala: tastes of sweet apple cider, dried fruit, blood orange.
  • Sitio Serra, Brazil: tastes of cherry, orange, chocolate, and hazelnuts.

Purchase options: 300g starting at 15.50$, online shopping available

Ground options: whole beans.

We bought and tried the Punch Buggy Espresso blend, which they describe as “smooth, bold, and balanced, Punch Buggy has everything you want in a solo shot or a latté, which is why it’s the house espresso blend in our cafes”.

On the blend’s page, you can even see all the info about the specific batch of grains, where they are from, what kind of certification and harvesting each of them have.

Our rating for the Punch Buggy Espresso

First thing I noticed when opening the bag was that the beans were nice and dry, like the Kittel and Kaito beans. Seeing that I loved the last two, I was pretty excited.

Second thing I noticed was that the coffee smell was fairly dull. Not in a bad way, but that it just wasn’t as fragrant as other bags of coffee we’ve had. I checked the date, and it was roasted just a couple of days prior to purchase, so that shouldn’t have been an issue.

Therefore, with an open mind I ground up my beans and made myself a coffee.

Preparation: fine ground, double shot of espresso, and 2% lactose free milk, foamed.

End result: I probably had my expectations set way to high, since this coffee was a disappointment. At first, I thought I had made it rather weak, but I double checked what I had done, and nope. The coffee is bland! Although they claim it to be excellent in a latte and that it provides a punch, you could barely tell that there was a double shot in my cup.

Far from being a negative review, we believe that this coffee is too bland for our taste. We personally wouldn’t purchase this blend again, but would be willing to try out other blends from Detour.

HOWEVER, if you are someone that doesn’t particularly enjoy strong coffee, or are looking to have something on hand for when you have lots of people over and don’t want to waste your good stuff, this will totally do!

Cover photo: Detour Coffee facebook

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