Coffee Break: My Little Cup (MTL)


You know those days where you’re so busy that you don’t really have time to stop, but when you do, you realize that all you really want is to curl up under your desk and take a power nap? Yeah, well yesterday was one of those days.

I was stuck between an appointment and a 5 à 7 (fancy French way of saying Happy Hour) and I really needed a pick-me-up, with no time to go home and get into bed for 15 minutes. I whipped out my Indie Coffee Passport to see if there was a stop along my way where I could fuel up for the rest of the afternoon.

Luckily enough, My Little Cup was within a 50m radius of where I was standing, so I practically ran over to the counter.

To my surprise, I’ve probably walked by this shop over a hundred times in the past year, but I’ve never noticed it. Located right on the other side of the entrance/exit of the McGill subway station (literally within 15m of the gate), My Little Cup’s counter is right there, waiting for you to stop by.

Originally from Belgium, Bertrand Lucas opened his first My Little Cup there, and when he and his wife moved to Montreal, he decided to open a second location here. The coffees they chose to serve are directly sourced from their farmers, which ensures quality, and they make a point of serving their coffees as close as possible to the roasting date to ensure freshness. They also serve some pastries and other coffee based drinks such as mochas, lattes, etc. They change their beans on a regular basis as to offer a variety, and you can purchase bags of beans on the spot.

Although their hours are a little different than what you would expect from a coffee shop (they open from 7am to 5pm), it is to be expected especially located in the downtown core where you have a major rush in the morning with all the students and workers.

Something that I noticed myself, and from the multiple Yelp reviews, is that the customer service is on point. I had the chance to chat with the barista who was super nice and very knowledgeable about the shop itself and other coffee related questions I had.

I ordered a single shot of decaf espresso, YES I am aware that getting a DECAF espresso cancels out the fact that I needed a pick me up but at 4pm, I didn’t want to risk the chance that I would be up all night. The placebo effect worked just fine.

I had their Juan Manuel Sanchez Decaf, which originates from Costa Rica; it had notes of vanilla, chocolate, and with a light citrus taste. I don’t tend to have my espresso black, I usually either have a latte or an espresso shot with a splash of milk, but I’ll suffer in silence when I can’t get a splash of lactose free milk. However, this has been the easiest on the palate; not too bitter or acidic, with just enough kick.  I’d definitely consider buying a bag of beans to have on hand for those late night coffee cravings!

Price wise, you won’t really notice a difference if you go to Starbucks or any other chain coffee shops, but you will notice a difference in the quality of the product and service you’re getting.

So if you’re shopping around the downtown core, or you’re on a coffee break between classes or  clients, I strongly recommend that you stop by and have a cup of joe!

Cover picture by My Little Cup


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