Coffee Review: Kaito Coffees

This week’s coffee review is brought to you by my incessant need for more caffeine in my bloodstream. Ha! Just kidding, or am I?

I am swamped with deadlines, proposals, and upcoming projects through my PhD and side business, which means that I’m running on empty with not enough time in my days to do everything that needs to be done.

That being said, I am taking a quick coffee break to talk to you about a new coffee discovery that my Sweet Patate and I made this week! We were invited to Bref Mtl (see link here) launch of their March/April collection, and one of the local artisans is a coffee roaster! What my luck! Although I didn’t get a chance to talk to this wonderful person, I did purchase some of her coffee that came highly recommended.

So here we go! We purchased Kaito Coffee Løve Blend, which is in the Blue category.

Kaito Coffees is a little roaster in Hudson, Quebec, and is run by a team of two, husband and wife Paul and Holly. Their coffees are responsibly sourced, and they use a scientific approach to roasting their beans to unlock their full potential.

Available blends: Kaito Coffees has three available collections, blue, yellow, and red, each representing a different type of coffee experience.

Blue: Trusty companion type coffees: full body, low acidity, with a nut, dessert, spices, and subtle fruit notes. In this category, you get a decaf, and the Løve Blend.

Yellow: Vibrant, brighter acidity, varying mouthfeels, with a fruity, dessert, flower and subtle herb notes. In this category you get a Guatemala Finca La Bolsa Nacimiento.

Red: Unique and exotic coffees.

Purchase options: 12 oz starting at 17.50$, online shopping available

Ground options: whole beans, will grind for you if you leave instructions in the checking out section of their online purchasing

They describe the Løve Blend to be perfect for making espresso or filter coffee, and tastes of hazelnut, chocolate fudge, raisin, with a heavy body.

The blend currently consists of Brazil Fazenda Santo Antonio & Costa Rica La Lumbre, and is roasted fresh every Monday.

On the blend’s page, you can even see all the info about the specific batch of grains, where they are from, what kind of certification and harvesting each of them have.

Our rating for the Love Blend from Kaito Coffees

To my surprise when I opened the bag, the beans were very dry, not oily like our Around the World by i deal coffee. The only other coffee that I have really ever seen beans dry like these was the Kittel Coffee 16 oz. that I have reviewed. That being said, I was pretty excited, since I really enjoyed the Kittel beans.

Preparation: fine ground, double shot of espresso, and 2% lactose free milk foamed

End result: It definitely lives up to its description! Heavy bodied, with a light bitterness, but with a very noticeable chocolatey-nutty taste. Much like Kittel’s 16oz., the Løve Blend does perfectly fine in a latte, and I would assume that it does have a pretty strong kick when served as a regular drip coffee.

Price wise, it is a little more on the expensive side but matches Kittel Coffee’s pricing (16.50$), but it is definitely worth it if you’re looking to try something bold and new!

(credit for cover picture: Kaito Coffee Roasters, Facebook)


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  1. Holly says:

    We’re so happy you enjoyed our Løve blend! Thank you for this lovely write up, totally made our day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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