Coffee Review : Kittel Coffee

Other than blab about our personal lives, Marie & I started this blog so we could talk a lot more about a mutual passion of ours, coffee!

Our first review isn’t of a coffee shop per se but of a coffee roaster here in Montreal that I discovered while covering an event for La Fabrique Crépue. I was a little skeptical at first because I am in love with i deal coffee, a coffee roaster downtown Ottawa, and I pretty much only drink their dark roast, but I asked the Kittel Coffee rep to try and sell me his absolute favourite. I tried it, and honestly, I loved it!

Kittel Coffee describes themselves as a roaster that focuses “on developing rigorous techniques that redefine how coffee is roasted in Montreal”and use beans that meet the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards.

Available blends: 16oz espresso, Fullum espresso, Cachoiera da Grama (Brazil), Ibrahim Hussein (Ethiopia), San Fermin (Colombia),  Ibonia Estate (Kenya), Excelso Decaf (Colombia).

Purchase options: 340g, 454g, 2.25kg, online shopping available*

Ground options: whole beans, espresso, filter, percolator

We tested their “16oz” blend, which they describe as a “blend of two Brazilian coffees (50% Mundo Novo, 50% Peaberry) from the same farm (Fazenda Da Grama Cahoeria)”.

According to Kittel Coffee’s website, this blend tastes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and caramel, and is best used for espressos or lattes.

The sales pitch that I got was: “you can literally drown a single or double shot of this coffee in milk, and it will still taste like coffee, not some dishwatery type drink”.

*: An even bigger plus that made me extremely happy is that Kittel Coffee has teamed up with a local company that offers eco/green delivery service! Yup, depending on your postal code, they will deliver your order by bike messenger or by electric cars.

Our rating for the 16oz

To my honest surprise, it tasted pretty much like it would have if I had gone to a coffee shop that knows how to make proper lattes.

Preparation: fine ground, double shot of espresso, and 2% lactose free milk foamed

End result: The coffee taste is not bitter, and not overpowering, but definitely not faded because of the milk, and you can definitely taste the dark chocolate and nuttiness.

If you’re not into drip coffees because they give you the shakes, or because it’s sometimes too bitter, we definitely suggest that you try out this blend! It’s soft on the palate, and I personally didn’t find it irritating on the stomach (I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to coffee). And if you’re just starting to drink coffee but aren’t ready for a cup of black coffee, this is a really good starter!


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